my family at the finish of boston for the 5:15 am start..Loved it grat support


Double Boston Marathon

The day after the running of the 117th Boston Marathon, it’s Tuesday a recovery day for me yesterday the Boston Marathon forever changed. When I was running down the finish line stretch I was just focused on the finish. Listening to the cheering fans as I pushed the last .2 of a mile on the Boston course. As I stop my watch 8:08:34, life was surreal I had just completed a double Boston Marathon 52 miles on the road I was super pumped. I stopped at the intersection on Boylston Street just after the finish what seemed to be 2 min. the day forever changed I couldn’t believe it but it was happening first the noise the hard bang then the smoke looking around seeing runners stunned, first responders amazing headed towards the blasts. Then again know this is happening I gave one runner a hug then I walked another female away from the blast I tried to calm her down just a little then I saw the hotel the Fairmont Copley Plaza, my home away from home! At the front door I was greeted by security and colleagues that I’ve known for years I try to relay the message of my account I just witnessed. I was in shock this phase me humbled me, trying to get in touch with family in natural reaction. Cell lines down I called mom at work. Let her know what just unfolded. Shortly after jay Amy checked in.I have to say I witnessed a lot of camaraderie between all the runners and spectators in the hotel talking with a few about the day on course to try to change the topic and think of the positive of today.

4:18 AM Dad’s Tahoe pulls out-front of the apartment, Jay wake up dads here. I had already had my oatmeal and coffee dressed ready to go. We were headed to the finish line of the Boston Marathon four 5 AM start. We parked the car popped into the hotel real quick then we were headed for the line first to arrive Thursday there was a police cruiser near the line it was pretty empty then they all started to arrive meeting runners on the finish line for marathon out the Hopkinton so sweet. Taking pictures on the finish line was a blast I’m so thankful that my family came out to see me off Amy Jay and Dad, even Jill was there to support me after the photo session 5:15 AM we did a send off I started my watch we were headed to Hopkinton. We settled in an ultra-pace right off the bat eight and change minute miles sticking together chatting it up we headed out of the city moving along the course actually running the course early in the morning was a great experience the Newton hills were very enjoyable watching all the bikes headed out on the same route I wonder what some of the cyclist thought when I saw this group of five running out to Hopkinton. They were cycling the course in both directions 52 miles on a bike that’s a good day. Ultra-running an out and back on the Boston course, that’s pretty cool. I’m not a roadrunner I haven’t spent that much time on the road this year I like the woods that’s where I feel at home. A true runner can run on any surface my challenge today was an ultra-on the road. Double Boston marathon that just sounds so FU@king cool this was just a training run for me. I didn’t have a number this is just pure miles. The group I ran out with we stay together the whole 26 miles taking a few short breaks I ran with great runners who had extensive resumes. I heard a story about a 14th Pl. finish on the Boston course so many other conversations. One of the coolest training runs ever we literally got to the starting area just after the national anthem just before the disabled runners were about to start. We grabbed a couple quick pictures to commemorate the run after the start we went to the green cashed in on the offer for coffee and fry dough, spending the morning with a great group runners running for Boston course in reverse was a great opportunity. My journey was only half complete!

The return trip 117th Boston Marathon , I did not have a number this year this would be my fifth Boston in a row the. Three previous years I did have a number. My miles today were pure training miles my double Boston was only for me to prove to myself I could do a road ultra. As a runner living in Boston you are drawn to the Boston course we love everything that it brings.

So I started my watch again at 4:02here we go again I felt good it was pretty cool already running a marathon running alongside athletes with fresh legs I really only mentioned to three people that I was doing the double as I said it was only for me my miles. I’m glad I did have a GPS watch on to tell me my pace my body felt good most of the run as I made my way through the course that I know very well. I was lucky enough to see some friends with their families. The spectators and fans cheering brings the route to life when you need a pick me up all you need to do is look at a spectator cheering for you on your quest Boston.

Mile 22 my tough mile, I started to walk I didn’t walk the hills but after I passed Boston College after I got up and over heartbreak started to walk I try to keep moving forward 48 miles in I tried not to look at my watch but I did 7:48 I’m not to make sub eight but keep pushing keep fighting I didn’t walk all of 22 I started going again looking up looking towards the city knowing where I need to get. I didn’t want to look at my watch the last 2 miles so I would be surprised when I got to the finish. The spectators which line the streets is the life of the Boston Marathon. 50-ish miles and I’m still running wanting that finish line but absorbing everything around me I worked hard as I always do the last mile one thing I noticed was another runner male helping a female runner limp to the finish that’s what I want to remember about the Boston Marathon. After I finished 8:08:35 I stood on the four-way intersection on Boylston the finish my backdrop, I got to talk to one gentleman about our run.

Then it happened the day was forever changed the Boston Marathon will never be the same. My mileage for the day took the back seat and was no longer important. I was around a couple females when the blast went off I give one a hug and assisted another female in the opposite direction the first responders did exactly what they needed to do to help injured. The 117th Boston Marathon is forever etched in my memory one that I will not forge

A sunny beach day in early February sounds like a fun day off!

A sunny beach day in early February sounds like a fun day off! As I arrived at Sandy neck gatehouse the sun peeked the horizon the parking lot started to fill. The Cape Cod Frozen Fatass 50 k , held on Feb 2, at Sandy Neck Beach, Barnstable ,6.22am check-in is always a blast. The competition element is removed from fat ass events. Race entries usually, your favorite snack a homemade treat. This year the RD even had numbers to keep track of our crazy buts. After I geared up I chatted with friends, about our upcoming day on the beach after a couple fun photo ops it was time to head down to the beach. Rd Bob Jensen gathered us High fives and some serious hooting and hollering filled the air, crashing waves in the background and then we were off. I wanted to settle in right off the bat as a speedy few took off at 7 min. miles pace. I wanted to stay with the pack for a few minutes as we chatted down the beach we were headed out on the first five-mile section straight into the wind. Todays loop 15 miles two different sections miles of pure beach running and Jeep trails.

The first five-mile loop as the runners stretched out I found myself with six runners pulling ahead and to runners close behind. 3 1/2 miles in I settled into a pace with another runner and his pup three of us ran together for the next couple miles I always have a blast running dogs. As we arrived back at the gatehouse 5 miles down time for The Jeep Rd., Sandy neck Beach allows you to drive your four-wheel down some sweet Jeep roads and camp on the beach. Running this road was a blast the dunes on one side the marsh on the other. we were sheltered from the wind the sunshine bright and the marshes stretched for miles. A few have cottages on this road, the surface was always changing soft sand hard packed sand even hard gravel kept us on alert. I found myself back on the beach. The wind picked up crashing waves in the back background My anthem for the next 5 miles. Running solo on the beach for many miles was a fun challenge. I was pumped to get back to the aid station start finish mile 15 heading up the stairs from the beach to the lifeguard house. I remember 2hr14min for my first loop the rd recorded I told myself not to stay too long. I Said hello to the speedy finishers who said 15 was good for me today. So many goodies I grabbed dried fruit fresh pumpkin bread topped off my bladder. As I headed out the door to learn I was in second place for the 50 K. I left the house feeling good but 15 miles anything could happen back down to the beach I went. R I just settled into a pace arriving back at the start finish saying hello to carful of runners that were done for the day. They wished me luck on my last 10 miles I knew stopping back into the aid station would only delay things.The bonus of today’s run is I did two 15 mile loops only using one aid station. Back to my favorite part of the course 5 miles of Jeep roads the rolling terrain kept things moving. I was really happy with my pace around mile 23 the Jeep road ended at about mile 25.
I finally had company again I turned on to trail five with another runner, Thore was running like a champ we stay together for about a mile chatting about the day, we reached the beach together five more miles. Thore pulled away he was pulled down to the ocean and ran close to the crashing waves I found myself on the truck road running closer to the dunes! As the miles go slower I try to keep the legs turning over I really just try to enjoy the last couple miles of my day on the beach. I could see the lifeguard house off in the distance the orange cones that marked the stairs to go up to the parking lot. The reward of completing Cape Cod Frozen Fatass 50 k some cheering from some spectators and race volunteers finishing third place was icing on the cake. A few minutes later three more runners finished including first-place female. Warming up in the lifeguard house talking with other finishers and refueling on snacks scattered about the table. Spending the day on a Cape Cod beach was an epic day off.

Puma Chef runs

Trail running has become a part of my life, this year I the opportunity to be an ambassador for Altra shoes. One requirement to be an ambassador will be to write a blog. Running the trails and talking about altras shoes will be the fun part.Writing this blog will be my challenge. I do have the gift of gab, the people I meet and the struggles that I encounter will be my story.When I’m not working training is my second job, logging miles is priority number one. Lifting weights has been on the back burner for me since I broke my collarbone last July. I know I need to get back to the gym and get stronger. Weight training has allowed me to become a better runner.

My first event for 2013 was a fat ass 50 K, in Topsfield Mass. on a sunny Saturday I arrived at Bradley Palmer State Park. Seeing all my trail friends and talking before the event is always a good time. The sun was shining for the start on this cold January day. Over 100 runners toed the line, I settled in with a few runners I knew starting a little fast to get ahead of the crowd. My first loop was a little fast for 50 K pace and I did slowdown. My mindset for the first event of 2013 was to run my own race and enjoy the day. The conditions were typical for January in New England a mix of hardpacked snow, dry sections where you could see the leaves from the fall and even ice which you had to dance across the six mile loop had a little bit of everything from singletrack to carriage roads. After my first loop I knew I could not keep the pace, so I settled in to a more enjoyable pace. The best part about fat ass events is the aid table, I contributed Trader Joe’s trail mix there are so many tasty treats from homemade bars. My goal is to not hang out at the aid station too long. Overall for the day I did a good job on my third and fourth loop I spent a few extra minutes chatting with the volunteers about course conditions. The good thing of running a loop course, you can gauge where you’re at on course and you know what to expect. Knowing you can stop after every loop is the mind game we all face. My third loop might’ve been the toughest the fourth loop I settled into a pace and yes I did some walking. Throughout the day the sunshine bright and we couldn’t ask for better weather. On my final loop I had the mindset to get the job done. A 50 K on January 5 sounds like a pretty good way to start the year. This distance really knows what really lets you know how healthy you are. I was really pumped to finish the event mainly because I was late for work. Yes I had to head straight to work directly after the finish luckily Topsfield is only a about a half hour from Boston. Balancing work and my running is always the challenge. Most people want to hang out and recover after a long run I had to get right to work preparing for the Saturday night shift Opps only one hour and 15 min. late to work after running a 50 K not too bad. The night went well and I don’t think it was too grumpy at the end of the day. Running a trail race and working a shift has become second nature balancing work and play is all worth it to do what you Love